Four Puffins Joyce High Def Painting


The Four Puffins



One of my students brought in a photo of these four puffins on Arran. She wanted to paint it but didn’t know where to start. We were both inspired because this was a local scene. This painting came about by demonstrating techniques to a student and developed into a project for myself as well.



I decided to demonstrate how I would begin. I started with practise sketches of the birds until I could feel the shape of the birds.


Chosen Medium and why: 

The birds were painted with watercolours and then I used white gouache so that the puffins’ feathers look thick and fluffy.


Painting Experience:

Painting the birds was so enjoyable. I was more interested in the birds themselves rather than background, therefore when it came to painting the background I did simple washes of watercolour. I wanted to get a fair amount of detail in the birds without overdoing it too much, as that would put it out of kilter with the backdrop.


My Achievement:

Each puffin felt like it had its own personality, and as each individual bird came to life it motivated me to continue painting.

Little Artist’s Tip:

Try using a small amount of gouache paint to make parts of your painting bold and stand out.


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