Nowhere One

Nowhere One by Carol Lambie Acyrlic on paper

Title: Nowhere One

Inspiration: The acrylic paint left on the palette. When I finish a painting I hate wasting the paint! I use only the colours left to paint small A5 paintings of landscapes from my mind.

Plan: Absolutely no planning, I react to the colours on the palette and place them intuitively on the painting, putting them where it feels right.

Chosen Medium and Why: Acrylic paint, it’s useful to build and create texture.

Painting experience:  It is a very meditative way to paint, there is nothing to slavishly represent, just free your mind and enjoy the colour.

My Achievement:  I like the depth I have created without having any detail to explain distance. It makes me step forward to look at the texture in the landscape, which is a quality I look for in a painting.
Little Artist’s Tip: After doing a painting, try to create a second small painting with the mixture of colours left on the palette. Let your mind wander and paint whatever you feel!