A Winter Walk

helen painting for blog2


Title: A Winter Walk


Inspiration: The beautiful wintry landscape last year


Plan: It was painted “alla prima” – in one session- in about two hours, from a black and white photograph.


Chosen Medium and Why: 50cm x 40cm in acrylic


Painting Experience: I used a limited palette to create the misty, soft wintry colours in this landscape and I am pleased with the results of the combination of cool blues and soft warm pinks on the winding path. I had to keep thinking about the importance of the negative shapes- in the trees in particular -and worked to ensure that they had equal importance with the positive shapes of the tree trunks and branches.


 My Achievement: I like the way the painting allows the viewer to use their own imagination, and doesn’t define any of the scene in detail.


Little Artist’s Tip: Give it a go painting with a limited, strict palette of colours to give a softer, blurred landscape.