Artist of the Month: Rowan Smith

Rowan Herself

Rowan Smith, age 12

  • When did you first come to a class at the Little Art School?

I first came a few years ago, I was at the first ever class that Joanne held in her dining room.

  • Had you drawn and painted before coming to us, or was it something completely new to try out?

No it wasn’t completely new, I did some art at school, but I felt inspired to take it further by my gran – she loves to paint and goes to an art club.

  • Has the way that you draw and paint changed or improved after coming to The Little Art School?

Definitely – the techniques of breaking images down into shapes first have made it so much easier.

  • Has The Little Art School encouraged you to be creative and produce paintings outside of lessons?

Yes without a doubt. I always feel very creative and sketch whatever is on my mind.

  • What is your favourite way to paint or draw?

I mainly sketch my artwork. We have done a lot of sketching in my Level 3 course at the Little Art School and I like to use the graphite sticks in class – if we’re lucky! –  but often I just use 2B and 4B sketch pencils or a pen. I love to sketch outside too. Often my mum and I go to Glasgow and we always keep pen and paper handy so we can sketch if the mood takes us. I love to draw flowers mostly but sometimes I draw the architecture. If I want to paint I always use watercolour because it is great for painting soft,  beautiful skies and I find it very relaxing.

  • Has The Little Art School increased your confidence? 

I feel it has, I am far more confident now because The Little Art School is such a nice environment and there’s no negativity. It’s a very positive atmosphere to paint in and I have met a lot of new people here.

  • Tell me about a piece you have done independently.

 A few weeks ago, I had a strong desire to paint, be creative and do something edgy. In the past I painted a dolphin and experimented with paint and colour so I aimed for something similar. I ended up painting a black and pink piece, using multiple layers of paint and then dragging it into lines to create texture so that you could see the pink under the black – it looked very cool. I just experimented to see what I could create.

  • Your artwork was recently picked for the front cover of Dyslexia Scotland, which is fantastic! Could you explain a bit about how you got involved?

I was struggling at school and I had a tutor for English and Maths who recommended subscribing to Dyslexia Scotland magazine. The magazine asked us to create something that captured the workings of a dyslexic mind…so I interpreted it literally and painted what I feel goes on inside my head. I did about 3 drafts of the picture, gradually adding more and more images and colour to make it more vibrant and interesting to look at. My first draft is quite special to me because it just captured the music in my head. I love music and I’ve played the guitar for a few years now.

  • How long did it take you to complete? 

It didn’t take me too long because I used watercolour pencils and a pen.  I took an hour for the sketch and one and a half hours to finish it completely and I’m very happy with the result.

  • What do you enjoy most about The Little Art School?

The people. Everyone is so nice and Joanne is lovely!

Rowan Art 3


Rowan Art 2

Pink and Black

Rowan's Dyslexia Voie Magazine Art Front Cover

Rowan’s entry on the cover of Dyslexia Scotland 

Rowan Art 1

Watercolour Ballerina painted in Level 3 at The Little Art School


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