Artist of the Month: Holly Keenan


Holly Keenan, age 15

  • When did you first come to a class at the Little Art School?

 I first joined the The Little Art School two years ago when I was 13. I began after my little brother Kristian came to lessons and enjoyed them.

  • Had you drawn and painted before coming to us, or was it something completely new to try out?

I loved to paint and draw at home but I had never been to a structured art class before so it was a new experience for me.

  • Has the way that you draw and paint changed or improved after coming to The Little Art School?

Yes I have learned so many different art techniques since coming here! My art has got better since I started the art classes –  the teachers provide lots of help and tips with our painting.

  • Has the Little Art School encouraged you to be creative and produce paintings outside of lessons?

I haven’t painted much outside of lessons as I prefer to paint at the art school each week. I don’t paint as much at home now but still occasionally enjoy getting my art books out. I also enjoy art at school.

  • What is your favourite way to paint? 

Watercolour is my favourite, because it’s not a heavy paint and you can still see the picture clearly underneath. I enjoy using the pale, pastel colours in this way.

  • Has The Little Art School increased your confidence? 

The art classes make me very relaxed and happy and I have made lots of friends. I feel far more confident in my drawing and everyone is so encouraging – it’s such a friendly environment.

  • Tell me a bit about a favourite painting you have done recently.

In my Level 3 course, we have been doing the acrylic fruit paintings and I’ve really enjoyed it. The colours were lovely. My favourite has to have been the pear because I love the texture, shape and the contrast of the colours. I think it looks very modern.  

  • What do you enjoy most about The Little Art School?

I love The Little Art School because it makes me feel relaxed, the classes are fun and all of the staff are so kind.



Culzean Castle


Highland Cottage


The Brig O’ Doon


Fruit studies in Acrylic


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